Where's Barak?

While the Senate is debating what are arguably some of the most important issues of the day -- domestic spying and the Alito nomination -- Barak Obama is where?  Touring the Middle East?  The timing couldn't have been worse, and -- as this New Republic article from last week suggests -- the Dems could have put Obama to work in a much better way:  questioning Alito. 

Kohl is taking another crashingly ineffectual turn at questioning
Samuel Alito. Harry Reid should have booted Kohl off this committee
months ago. I understand that seniority and Senate customs make that
less than an easy thing to do. But politics ain't beanbag, as they say.
And can you imagine how much Democrats would benefit from having Barack
Obama--a Harvard Law School graduate, remember--in that chair instead?
Especially when the topic turns to the Concerned Alumni of Princeton.
(It wouldn't hurt Obama's national ambitions at all, either.) It's like
leaving your Rookie of the Year player on the bench for the World
Series. Another missed opportunity for Democrats."


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