Where'd You Get That Degree, Anyway?

Ever wondered how many CPS folks have their masters and PhDs from online or nontraditional universities?  Me, too.  And according to this report the number is probably pretty high: 

"The salary schedules used by most public school districts provide additional compensation to teachers and administrators who earn master's degrees and doctorates," writes this Kevin Carey report on Nova, Argosy, Capella, and the other online degree programs that have proliferated over the last few years (The No. 1 Graduate School of Education?).  "Few, if any, provide more money for a degree from a highly-rated university. Nor do they check to see if additional education translates into greater effectiveness in the classroom. Universities therefore have incentive to provide as many education degrees as possible at low cost."

Question is, does a degree from a traditional place make a big difference, or are the Nova and Argosy programs -- and graduates -- just as good?

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