Where Things Stand

There's been so much going on of late it's hard to keep track. Here's a recap, with some links so you can jump in:

The LSC at Ravenswood Elementary has decided not to renew its principal and to start a new search (Riled Up At Ravenswood). It's just like Curie, sort of, except without any Mayoral involvement (yet).

Roz Rossi at the Sun Times has unearthed evidence of parents and at least one clerk at Sabin falsifying their magnet applications, confirming the sense of looseness that many have always felt surrounded the program. But is it accurate? We don't really know. (Sibling Scandal).

Hearings about the 19 closed and consolidated schools are underway but have been getting little press (Parents protest dismantling of school staff ChiTown Daily News

). Maybe the Board planted the Sabin and Ravenswood stories to distract attention? They're cunning devils. And we're not hearing much from Edison, which could mean that they've gotten themselves a reprieve.

News from inside CTU has died down of late, but we know that there's been a big rift between Ted Dallas and Marilyn Stewart, some dismissals at the Merchandise Mart, and some internal reorganizing of the union caucuses. You can pick up the thread here (Open Thread).

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