Where Did You Go?

Some of us grew up in Chicago and went to a CPS school. Others didn't.

Where did you go (if it was a CPS school) and how was the

experience, looking back? Or, where would you have gone to school,

based on where you live now, and how do you think that would have been for you? (Would you go there now?)

For example, I grew up near Wrightwood and Clark Street, and then near

Roscoe and Halsted. Had I gone to CPS, I would probably have gone to

Alcott, then Nettlehorst, then Lakeview (or maybe Whitney Young, which

was new then).

Of course, the closest I got to any of those schools was playing

pickup basketball on the courts outside Nettlehorst -- now a parking

lot I think. My sister went to Alcott for a year or two before our

parents pulled her out because there was so much teacher turnover. I

ended up going to Near North Montessori and then Francis Park.

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