What's Up With The North Side Parents Network?

Once in a while, people will tell me that the NPN is full of knowledgeable people and that its website is full of great information on schools that parents (and teachers) might want to know about or contribute to (website here).  The website says they have about 3,000 members, most of them near Lakeview.  There's apparently a magazine, lots of informational and support meetings, and a directory of schools.

Some elements of this seem great.  Thus far, however, my intermittent efforts to hook up with them have failed -- a meeting never happened, etc.  The website costs money so I haven't seen what it does.  So I'm wondering:  Are their publications or things they put out for free, and are they any good?  Is this a useful organization, I wonder?  Has it helped keep parents who would otherwise have opted out of CPS in the system?  Does it get any money to do so?  Would it work citywide? 

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