What's Up With The April Board Meeting

It's that time of the month again. Here's the list of items that they're going to talk about (Agenda).

As you'll see, there are lots of resolutions and requests for the PBC to take action on new construction, some renewals, an end to the choir school, payment for the new water main at Marsh ES, etc. What does Kuhns Associates do for CPS?

Here's the initial coverage from the Tribune (Number of Chicago year-round schools set to triple in the fall). Here are the actions from last month (March 2009).

Forced by your overlords (or public-mindedness) to be there, you can report in electronically without even getting up from your chair. Email what Huberman is wearing to district299 at gmail.com, or text me about which central office folks aren't paying attention to 312-286-9242. Or just comment here.

UPDATE: Here are some additional news stories, most written before the Board meeting:

Teachers Union Hesitant to Support Year-Round Classes WBEZ

Number of year-round schools expected to double Sun Times

Year-Round School: A good Idea or Big Inconvenience? CLTV

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