What's Going On At The Sherman Turnaround?

The folks at PURE are calling for an investigation of the enrollment and transfer policies at Sherman Elementary, one of the Board's showcase turnaround schools. See details below.

PURE calls for investigation of AUSL-run Sherman School

Contact: Julie Woestehoff

PURE executive director


PURE is asking the Chicago Public Schools Inspector General to

investigate the enrollment and transfer out practices at the so-called

“Sherman School of Excellence,” as well as the whereabouts of students

who seem to have disappeared from Sherman since the 2006-07 school year.

Between 2007 and 2008, Sherman's enrollment dropped 20 percent, the

number of low-income children dropped 10 percent, and the mobility rate

went up 17 percent, while test scores rose a modest 5 percent.

According to CPS CEO Arne Duncan, the whole point of a “turnaround”

model such as Sherman is to provide stability for the students. Run by

the Academy of Urban School Leaders, Sherman has been called a “beacon

of promise” by CPS which has made it the model for five more AUSL-run

turnaround schools this year. The rapid replication of this “model”,

which also includes firing entire school staffs and disbanding the

elected local school council, makes this investigation especially


We believe that Sherman is manipulating its student body to “improve”

its outcomes, just like many other of Chicago’s Renaissance 2010


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PURE has also shared the Sherman data with President-elect Obama's

transition team. Mr. Obama has spoken favorably of the AUSL model in

the past.

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