What's Going On At Mirta Ramirez Charter?

AspiraSent in Friday night, this parent comment (here) suggests that there is among parents some frustration and turnover with the Aspira charter schools, especially the original school, Ramirez.  I don't know the facts and
I'm not interested in general charter-bashing here -- don't bother -- but does anyone know (1) why the principal was let go, (2) where Mirta Ramirez is going to be starting this fall, (3) whether there is any organized system  for prioritizing charter school facilities decisions (not that there's one for regular CPS schools), (4) whether there are any other charter schools in Chicago that have started PTOs, and (5) if and how parents are included in charter board meetings at other charter schools?  Maybe we can get ourselves informed and help this parent out.  For some background, check here. Photo credit:  Substance News.

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  • George... for someone who is all about the "people" you sure like to lie and misinform us!! You are worse than FOX. Charter schools are selective? ? actually, i think that any school that you apply to that has open enrollment in a neighborhood where there is need creates a lottery process in order to NOT be selective in the students that are accepted. you talk about English language learners.... my child goes to an English Emersion model school and the school overall seems to be out performing their neighboring schools, i would say 90% of the population at the school is Latino, and their students, English and NOT English proficient continue to out do their counter parts in the area.

    Lastly, im not sure if you have ever been to post katrina New Orleans and spoken to the people there... you think our system is screwed!?! they had one of the worst public school systems in the U.S.

    I applaud Vallas for calling New Orleans an experiment, it IS an experiment to prove that public education should be privatized and taken out of the hands of bureaucratic morons that cant fire a bad teacher because she has Union support.

  • Charters are Yuppie ed? Have you looked at the demographics for the Charter schools in CPS? They're much more similar to the neighborhood schools than they are the selective enrollment schools.

    I don't see the big deal about having to fill out an enrollment form. If parents are that disorganized and inept that they can't fill out a piece of paper and hand it in on time, how can they assist in the education of their children in a meaningful way? Don't some of the Charter schools even provide assistance in the event of parents that are illiterate or have other difficulties with the forms?

  • Kugler you are certified but are you any good at what you do? Whoever said that charters NEED to perform is right... if this is at the expense of a "certified" teacher's job who cant teach... so be it!

    I want my kids to succeed, as does any self respecting parent, if this means putting in an application... SO BE IT!

    the fact that as parents we have the OPTION to send out kids to a charter means that we are heading in the right direction. I can care less who is making money off of this, it is a VIABLE option for kids in my neighborhood and our communtiy (little village) and as long as they are doing well at their studies, i dont care if the teacher went to CSU or Trumam... you should also look into the funding situation, because for profits are not the only charter operators, if i remember correctly Mirtha Ramirez is run by a Latino NONprofit.

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