Whatever Happened To Walter Pilditch? Lots.

Commenting about what's going on at Curie HS these days (see below), a reader asked "whatever happened to Walter Pilditch?"  Good question. Great name. A former Curie principal who was removed and replaced by Wilfredo Ortiz in 1996, Pilditch went on -- like many other principals were rumored to do during the Vallas era -- to work in the Office of Accountability.  He also served as a mentor to the principal at Foreman High.

He eventually retired from CPS in the fall of 2001, when he was honored with a Board resolution:  011128rs1_walter_pilditch.pdf.  But the trail doesn't run cold there.  In fact, you can find him on the CPS website earning $1200 as recently as 2004.  He's also listed in the same year as a VP of the Pension And Retirement Fund

In fact, Pilditch's removal from Curie wasn't actually Pilditch's first experience with an untimely removal.  He was, according to this Time Magazine article from -- gasp -- 1990 -- one of the first wave of principals removed by the then-new LSC at Morgan Park High School (Parent Power's First Big Test). 

Principals, the Vallas era, and LSC conflicts, all wrapped together into the story of one CPS lifer -- if it happened during that last 20 years in CPS, Pilditch was there.  Anyone got a pic or a contact number? 

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