Whatever Happened to New Schools for Chicago?

As some may recall, New Schools for Chicago was supposed to be the fundraising arm for Renaissance 2010.  But things never went smoothly.  There was an internal fight over who should run the organization, and lots of disagreement about what it should do.  As Catalyst has reported extensively, the organization got involved in picking which school models would get approved, which made the community involvement/TAC process even more questionable. 

In any case, I am told that the organization has now resurfaced in a shiny new form.  According to a friend who was there (what, no invitation for me?), the organization is now called the Renaissance Schools Fund, they had an event this morning which included a promo video featuring Du Sable, shiny report, and news that they have gotten commitments of $40 million from local and national funders.  (See Backers fall short with money, disclosure for the Catalyst story about how shaky some of these dollar figures can be.)

AP covers the basics here: Officials say they've secured $40 million for Renaissance 2010 plan

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