What You Missed Today On WBEZ

There was a really interesting Chicago Matters segment by Lisa Miller on the costs and benefits of recess this morning on WBEZ, and a few minutes of whirlwind conversation between me and Steve Edwards.

The gist of what I was trying to say was (a) that like an unwatered and unwanted plant that won't go away, LSCs have shown themselves to be pretty resilient despite Duncan and Vallas' attempts to marginalize them, (b) that there's some convenience for Gates and CPS on this HST thing as both try and develop new agendas after old ones run out of steam, and (c) that holding state and local educators accountable for minority and low-income kids' academic success is almost as hard as enacting effective campaign finance reform. 

The recess segment will soon be online along with the rest of the segments.  The 848 segment will soon be posted here to download or listen to.  There's also a Chicago Matters blog I didn't see until just now (needs an RSS feed!), and little map and mini-profiles of 9 area schools.

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