What You Missed At Today's TFA Luncheon: It's Charteristic!

This year, TFA has had a small series of luncheons that are sort of like the BPI ones, only they come later in the school year and are -- understandably -- focused on things related to TFA.  Today's luncheon, the last of the year, included presentations from Linda Ponce de Leon and Eric Thomas, two TFA alums who are now running or about to run charter schools in Chicago (Erie and Noble Ohio).

Some of the things I learned at the event included (a) a seven-hour
school day means 40 more days of school per year over the CPS schedule
of 5.5 (which allows Erie to provide an hour of Spanish and recess and
lunch), (b) the charteristic freedom to revamp the course sequence is
going to allow Noble to adjust its science curriculum next year in
response to test score results, (c) charter principals feel like
they're in the loop in re CPS PD offerings, etc. -- but don't have to
go to all those meetings, (d) even TFA alums know better than to hire
TFAers if there are experienced teachers available, (e) Noble had 600
applicants this year -- even more than in the past, and (f) TFA Chicago
now has someone on staff to help charters (or is it Ren10 schools?) and
TFA alums find each other.

There seems to be a TFA-NLNS-Charter pipeline thing going on --
understandably, and not necessarily a bad thing, but...how do we get
those ideas and talents back into the regular schools?  Or, do we just
eventually make every school a charter?  Now wouldn't that be

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