What You Missed At Today's Board Meeting

What you missed at today's board meeting, in brief: 

Big Things:  Approval of the somewhat-delayed virtual charter school under Ren10.  Word that the announced closure of a handful of schools is coming tomorrow as part of a larger Board spectrum of interventions.  Approval of $4.5 million in grants to curriculum providers under the high school transformation plan.  Complaints from parents at Inter-American about having to move to LeMoyne without notification because the Board sold the IA site for $25 million.  Complaints from folks at Senn/Rickover about the military academy.

Little Things:  Board member Norm Bobbins in an arm sling of some sort.  Sun-Times reporter Roz Rossi asking CTU VP Ted Dallas question after question, Columbo-style.  Catalyst star intern Emily Horbar taking notes like mad and wondering just what she's got herself into.  Various and sundry shout-outs and heckles from the audience to the Board.  Substance editor George Schmidt wandering around taking pics (does Substance still come out anymore).

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