What Would Marty Do?

As you'll see below, readers' comments keep coming in about Gage Park High School principal Marty McGreary's decision to refuse to enroll more kids at the school, which led to his being fired. 

Did he have to do what he did, or was there another way to deal with the overcrowding problem?  Did he play into the Board's hands (or at least the Pittman folks in high schools) by quitting instead of staying and fighting?  And what about the guy himself -- too young, not experienced enough, too white?

What no one's seemed to ask, or focus on very much, is whether the Board really had to fire the guy, and what kind and level of negotiations went on before the s--- hit the fan.  After weeks and weeks of good news -- test scores, back to school rallies, etc. -- CPS helps create a story that is going far outside the neighborhoods that are affected.  Everyone loves the righteous principal vs. implacable bureaucracy angle.  Also, whatever happened to the Gage Park LSC?  Did they help, hinder, or even get involved?

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