What To Think About GYO?

Jim Broadway from State Schools News Service put out a story on the Grow Your Own program last week, and I wondered what CPS people thought about the idea (and the program). Essentially, the idea is to recruit and train local folks to teach in neighborhood schools, rather than importing them from other neighborhoods or parts of the country.

"It is not a handout or short cut. The teachers have to succeed in college, pass their subject tests, advance like all other teacher candidates at Illinois universities. If they do not return and fulfill their five-year commitment, they have to pay back the loan. Otherwise, it is forgiven. A non-profit funded by the state and with private donations - Grow Your Own Illinois - aims to put 1,000 teachers in the classrooms of low-income area schools, where they will stay for their entire careers."

It's run by educationista Anne Hallett,and so far there are only a few who have made it through the program and into the classroom.

Any insights into whether this works, or direct experience with GYO candidates? Now's the time.

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