What To Make Of Jose Torres' Departure?

Just over two years ago, there were rumblings on this blog that CPS was bringing in -- horrors! -- an outsider to serve as an AIO on the South Side. Not from CPS. And -- shhh! -- Latino.

His name was Jose Torres (New Talent At AIO). His appointment was controversial to some (The Best And Worst). He worked closely with the Chicago New Teacher Center (AIO Hearts Chicago New Teacher Center). He replaced a lot of principals. He loved him some Schedule E (Schedule E).

Now he's apparently leaving CPS, for Elgin (New district supt. chosen The Courier News

, Elgin's U-46 school board chooses Chicago administrator as new ... Chicago Tribune).

What to make of Jose Torres' short tenure as a CPS AIO? First off, it's no big surprise he'd be tempted to leave. But not because he's an outsider or a Latino running schools in an African-American neighborhood. Rather because it remains unclear if the AIO system really works (All About The AIO), even with as much support and flexibility as CPS could provide. It seems like it's more of an enforcement and implementation position rather than a leadership position, and that's too bad.

Got any experiences dealing with Torres, or thoughts about the AIO system? Now's your chance.

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