What To Look For At The Locke "Transformation"?

I'm back in LA this week, checking in on Locke High School again -- the school where in 2006 a majority of teachers petitioned to convert the school to an independent charter school under the management of Green Dot.

I can't tell you everything -- I'm working on a big article about the year -- but here's some key stuff:

Class sizes are big -- part of a dispute with the district over whether Locke is "full" or not. Some of the roughest kids are reportedly being sent back to Locke after having been pushed out to other schools three years ago. The joys of being an attendance area. There are five schools on campus, which is a big part of Green Dot's changes, but two of the schools -- the ones for 10-12th graders -- are now up over 800 kids, which doesn't really feel very small.

On the other hand, the school is remarkably calm over all. The kids are wearing uniforms. The hallways are clear during classes, by and large. There's not a ton of defiance or referrals coming out of the classrooms. The school just had a big college fair that sounded like it was pretty successful. A lot more kids seem to be carrying backpacks than they used to.

How's that sound to you veterans out there? Got any ideas about what I should look at or look for? I know grades haven't come out -- that could be a bloodbath. What else?

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