What The Board & Yuppies Get From Closing Collins: Bad Publicity & Culinary Training Facilities

Via Small Talk, this week's Ben Jarovsky column in the Reader rehashes the arguments for and against closing Collins -- a topic Jarovsky already covered in part a few weeks ago when he narrated the infamous breakfast at Edna's tape. 

This time, Jarovsky's got a more sentimental take on things, bringing out former Collins principal Grady Jordan to talk about how the school first came to be and what a shame it would be to lose it.  In particular, he focuses on the value of the building, and the "collateral benefits" of school closings. Download 060331_workscollins.pdf

I'm no defender of the Board, but what jumps out at me is that there are equal if not greater disadvantages to closing schools as there may be to opening them -- bad publicity being the most obvious.  Also, I can't imagine yuppie gentrifyers being very interested in culinary training kitchens and auto repair bays for their kids.  Sorry -- it still just doesn't compute.

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