What TFA Teachers Really Think About CPS

Teach_for_us_tfa_group_blogWondering where all those Internet-crazy TFA corps member blogs are? You can find a bunch of them at Teach For Us, a Facebook page whose tagline is "Closing the TFA blogging gap." Click here for a list of blogs affiliated with the page. (There are, of course, many others.)

Here are excerpts from a couple of CPS TFA blog posts -- let me know if there are other good ones out there:

Southside: When I grow up I want to be a superdelegate.

Yes. A student actually said that to me today in class. "When I grow up, I want to be a superdelegate."

chicagomsj The Return: I was dreading

today; however, it was surprisingly calm…dare I say I even missed some

of my students....Funny story of the day:

william: ms jiang look different today, i think it’s her hair

zanay: no, her hair always like that

martize: i think she’s dressed nice

william: that’s not it

cortez claps : I know! she not pale no more!

7th period: yea!

carainchicago: Allow me to introduce myself

In the fall I will become a first year teacher in an all-girl 4th grade

classroom in Chicago in the fall. The school is co-ed but this year the

third grade was divided into a boys and girls class, which they are

going to keep together into the future. I will be inheriting the girl’s

class, which I am incredibly excited about.

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