What Tests Needed To Get Into Skinner?

A Chicago parent wants to apply to get her son (age 5) into Skinner but doesn't know the procedure.  Can any of you know-it-alls help us out :-) ?

"i just picked up the forms for the gifted and enriched programs, i want
to put my son (age 5)into skinner, i know that they have testing but i
cant seem to find anything on what the tests consist of, do u have any
idea what they like, or are there any guides or other parents to talk
to that have been thru it......"

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  • Hello,

    Does anyone have any current info on McDade Classical? My son will be attending for Kindergarten in the fall and it has been so hard finding anyone who can give us the inside scoop--other than the one post here that was from a year ago, I haven't heard anything. Any insight would be appreciated.

  • Glad to hear this about McDade. Thank You

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