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Here are some blog posts about CPS from other blogs:

Turnaround Letter to Parents

Dear Parent/Guardian: It gives me great pleasure to share

important information with you regarding an exciting opportunity for

me. I have been selected to participate in a new and exciting Chicago

Public Schools initiative entitled Turnaround Schools Program.

Therefore, I [Rolland C. Jasper] will not be able to serve as the principal of Scott Joplin

School effective March 24, 2008.

Nanny State - Literally


Public Schools want to make the "Nanny State" a literal reality. "Some

children should not go home at night; some of them we need 24-7," he

said. "We want to serve children who are really not getting enough

structure at home. There's a certain point where dad is in jail or has

disappeared and mom is on crack ... where there isn't a stable

grandmother, that child is being raised by the streets." MORE at CBS2

Chicago... Nice, huh?

Teachermate: $50 PC? Hardly


often been told that if it sounds too good to be true… it is. A classic

example is the new Teachermate PC that has recently been posted about

on the Crave blog and Engadget. I know in the blogging world, it often

seems like a race to get information out first, but how about just a

LITTLE bit of research beyond the press release?

Convicted felon abortionist is Chicago Public School principal

[ED: Link removed at the request of Catalyst.]

If you know of any blogs that cover CPS that are good, let us know.

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