What Makes Replication So Hard In CPS?

Todays BPI/INCS/Catalyst luncheon on "replicating" model schools had me thinking about what a tough environment for replication CPS is -- even with the whole Ren10 new schools apparatus. 

The two speakers at the luncheon, one from Replications, Inc, and the other from KIPP, illustrate the point beautifully:  One of two Chicago KIPP schools is folding. None of the three networks of model schools that Replications works with exists in Chicago.

In fact, there don't seem to be a lot of replications going on in Chicago, other than Noble Street and the small but growing UofC empire.  Perspectives got shot down.  Ujama -- not quite a replication, but sort of -- didn't make it past the TAC.  There's one Big Picture school.  Am I missing any?

I'm not exactly sure what it is.  Some say it's because there aren't enough available charter slots to give national models the room they need.  Past events seem to suggest that the new schools folks at CPS and the local TACs don't always look kindly on replications, national or homegrown, even though CPS gives a lot of lip service to them.

Or maybe replications are just as hard to pull of elsewhere, and I'm just being paranoid.

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