What I Learned At Last Night's Curie LSC Meeting

The folks I felt worst for last night were the parents, LSC members, and folks who attended who had been told or thought that there was going to be a quorum, which of course there was not.  Those who called the meeting had to have known that, based on previous experience.  And since it wasn't a regularly scheduled LSC meeting -- Curie only has those every other month, apparently -- the nonattendance of the teachers, student rep, and principal might not even count towards the absences total that would allow the LSC to sign up new members. 

What else?  How strange and inflammatory that one of the LSC members who didn't want to attend decided to be in the building throughout.  How ironic that the meeting room was adorned (intentionally, some thought) with a big banner that read "Congratulaions, Mrs. Jones -- Phi Delta Kappa Educator of the Year 2007."  How sad that some conflict mediation folks who showed up were received -- rightly or wrongly -- as emissaries of the Board who'd already taken the pro-Jones side. 

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