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More from the mouths of youths PURE

"'Eduardo, a blind Indian

from Vancouver drove n miles in t hours. Represent his trip


The more they change, the more I stay the same Chicago Teacher Man


week Thursday, on the eve of the holiday break, I went to a nearby

Dominick's to pick up some things for classes the next day. The

cashier, after ringing up three boxes of fudge mix and an assortment of

cookies and treats, said, "Looks like someone's having a party."


I said, "I've got a bunch of hungry students to bribe."

Winners and losersReader

Winners: The boys and girls soccer teams from the Latin School, one

of the city's wealthiest and most exclusive private schools. The Park

District gave them (as in for free) prime lakefront park property to build a soccer field. Losers: Pretty much all of the public high school soccer teams, who have to play on lumpy, potholed, precariously uneven fields.

2007 Year in Review Marshfield Tattler

It seems very unlikely I'll have another chance to post again before 2008

arrives, so here's a quick review of the best and worst moments of 2007

on Marshfield Avenue and beyond, from this limited perspective.

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