What About School-Specific Comments?

 As part of my ongoing effort to make this site bigger and better (and more interesting to folks who aren't fulltime educators or administrators), one of the possible additions to this site come September is the creation of a place for readers to comment on specific schools in CPS.  What do you think?

Just like on Amazon.com, or eBay, or any other number of sites that allow "user reviews," this school-specific section would provide some basic information about the school and some brief introduction (what area it's in, what neighborhood, etc.), followed by comments -- from parents, teachers, or anyone else who wanted to weigh in.  The comments would be moderated to limit personal attacks and all of that.  New comments would appear on the front page of the site so that readers could see what schools were attracting attention (and join in if they wanted). 

What do you think?

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