Welcome, WTTW Viewers

More than a handful of those who saw the Week In Review segment on WTTW Friday night have found their way to this site, and I wanted to welcome them.  Come on in, we won't bite. 

I'm officially on vacation last week and the upcoming one, but if you look back over the past few weeks you will see that usually there's a morning roundup of the latest education news, followed by news and commentary throughout the day, and some coverage of events, and lots of comments. 

The comments that follow some of the posts are produced by readers, many of whom have extensive  experience in CPS and education generally.  However, many of them choose to come up with a colorful nickname instead of declaring where they teach or what school they run, and that's fine as long as the comments remain relevant to the topic and somewhat constructive. 

Starting in September, I'm hoping to add more posts about issues of interest to parents and teachers -- school-specific controversies, pros and cons of professional development or different leadership styles.

This upcoming week, I'm hoping readers will continue reading and posting their thoughts and links to news stories of interest.  As always, thanks to everyone who reads and contributes. 

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