Welcome Back!

The new year started last week, but today is the real deal -- the first day back from a long and much-needed winter break. Do you remember what you were teaching two weeks ago? Remember your students' names?

Ever helpful, CPS conducted a bell ringing ceremony at Collins Academy and North Lawndale College Prep: School officials will ring the bell at

the Collins campus, which houses two new schools—Collins

Academy and North Lawndale College Prep-Collins. Collins

Academy, operated by the Academy for Urban School Leadership, opened

this fall with 140 freshmen. The school is where master teachers will

work with “resident” teachers who are working toward their certification.

North Lawndale College Prep-Collins, which also opened this fall with

about 100 freshmen, is a second campus of the successful North Lawndale

College Prep charter high school.

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