Weighing The Mayor's Accomplishments

Over at The Beachwood Reporter, Steve Rhodes lays into the Tribune editorial page's assertions that whatever flaws there have been in Mayor Daley's tenure as mayor (most notably failing to reduce or eliminate patronage hiring) should be weighed against his accomplishments, which include improving the Chicago Public Schools.

"Daley hasn't achieved the funding reform that almost everyone knows is
desperately needed. Without that, and addressing socioeconomic issues
in a deeper way than just trying to shove the poor out of the city,
everything else is tinkering around the edges. Daley's "reforms" may
work for those who can clout their kids into the city's top schools,
but as Alexander Russo Russo notes, Chicago is now the cautionary tale, not the model, for mayoral control of urban school systems."

Link: The Beachwood Reporter.

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