Weekend Check-In: How's It Going So Far?

It's been about six weeks now that we're into school -- for some of us it might feel like more -- and I'm wondering how it's going:

Teachers -- Are your schedules and rosters finally set? It's about three weeks to report card pickup day. How are things shaping up?

Administrators -- Got your buildings humming with the sound of instruction, or are you spending all day fighting with the area office? Planning good things for staff development day next Friday?

Parents -- Are your children coming home with good stories or bad? Has anyone started in on Options applications, and what are the new wrinkles if any to the process this year?

Central office -- What's going on with the latest organizational changes and reshuffling? Got enough time and people to do your work? Lots of empty desks on your floor?

Take a minute to let your fellow blog-readers know how things are going and what you're up to. I'm sure they'll be interested to know, and it'll be a nice break from talking about the campaign, the fiscal crisis, etc.

For me, by the way, it's been a pretty good year so far. My new journalism classes are helpful, and I'm getting to dig into the story of one school (Locke HS in LA) that's going through an interesting if difficult time. (reminds me of in-depth stories I did for Catalyst about Juarez and LVHS). I feel pretty fragmented between the blogs, classes, and going to LA, but grateful for the chance to do the work (and glad to have work to do).

How about you? Thanks, and TGIF

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