Week In Review (September 5-10)

Highlights of the past week:

Changes, challenges will test CPS
Grossman's rundown on some of the big issues for the year -- I liked it, others didn't.
Plus:  My take on the need for coherence on WBEZ  (listen here).

The Sherman Experiment
The much-hyped -- but not so new -- turnaround experiment.

CTU Endorses Blago, Gets Not Much
Stewart hopes for more funding.

Plus:  "John Dewey" Previews Contract Rumors

Gov Slams NCLB -- Just Like Everyone Else
Though apparently Arne's turned into an NCLB lover

Brett Schaeffer's News From Philly
More plots and schemes from the city of brotherly love.

Signing Bonuses, Superstars, & Mike Klonsky
Klonsky raises some serious questions about who got picked.

More Preschool -- Still No Questions
Sure, the little kids are cute, but how come no one is scrutinizing preschool expansion? 

MacArthur -- Gone, Or Never Left?
MacFound writes in to Catalyst to say "we're still here."

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