Week In Review (June 5-12)

Time To Dispell With 8th Grade Graduations?
It isn't happening anytime soon, but some think it should.

They're Having Fun In Philly
Oops, Paul (Vallas) did it again.  Cozette has to pay.

Lots of coverage about inequitable distribution of HQT in CPS.
PLUS:  Incentive Pay In Chicago? A BEZ piece on what to do about it.

Sell The Schools, Not The Lottery
More reactions to the Governor's education plan.

Glamorous & Genial Williams Looks Like A Done Deal
The new Michael Scott waits in the wings.

Chancery-Haters, Unite!
Now Pearson owns Chancery IMPACT and Harcourt. 

A Reader Asks: "What About NTA?"
A sad, sad story.

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