Week In Review, August 1-7

Daley and Bloomberg Tout Mayoral Control
What's good for Chicago and New York must be good for LA.

"A Barrage Of Media Ridicule" Against 2006 ISAT Hype
More news and comments about those ISAT scores.

Bolstering Achievement In Small Schools
What to do about small schools?  Not much agreement there.

Mel Gibson And Small Schools
Hey, it seemed like a good connection at the time.

Small Schools Not Delivering On Academic Achievement, Report Says
The Consortium report says there's no other way around it.

More On Fishy ISAT Results
It never ends -- the credit-taking, I mean.

Why Doesn't Meeks Criticize The CTU As Well?
If quality teachers are the issue, maybe Meeks should be talking about CTU as well.

Cross City Slams CPS Budget
Another swipe at the new CPS budget -- too late to make a change?

A Job For Jesse
A teacher wants it all -- but where to find it?

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