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Disappearing recess, Big Picture schools in trouble, new Pritzker initiative, and below for the links and summaries. 

School recess not slam-dunk certain

proportion of schools that don't have recess ranges from 7 percent for
1st and 2nd grades to 13 percent by 6th grade, new government figures

Reports of recess' demise greatly exaggerated
One sure way to get parents exercised is to take away
recess, the playful part of the school day when their kids can run
wild. In some places, it no longer exists.

Small Schools on the Hit List
Chicago's two Big Picture High Schools opened a little over two years
ago with 30 freshman each and a chunk of funding from the Gates
Foundation as part of CPS' Renaissance 2010 plan to open 100 new
schools in 10 years. Now it appears that these two small Chicago
schools have been placed  on the district's hit list before they can
even graduate their first senior class.

The New Pritzker Consortium on Early Childhood Development
philanthropist J.B. Pritzker has teamed up with James Heckman to launch
a major new research consortium to promote early childhood development.
Heckman and Diane Swonk join us to examine the new initiative and why
Heckman says there's no better investment in the long term success of

Chicago Matters: JROTC Costs and Quality
Public Radios Robert Wildeboer reports on how much the United States
Military is investing in the education of low-income students in
Chicago Public Schools.

Chicago Matters: Little Kids, Big Bucks
Monique Parsons reports on a federally-funded Chicago preschool for low-income families.

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