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Schools might need tax hike, Daley says Tribune

Richard Daley on Tuesday applauded Gov. Rod Blagojevich's effort to
provide $100 million in additional funding to the Chicago Public
Schools, but he said that more money is needed to avert cuts.

Governor folds keno card Tribune

intense criticism and the threat of an adverse legal opinion, Gov. Rod
Blagojevich on Tuesday shelved his plan to pay for school construction
with a keno lottery game and challenged critics to find the money for
his $3.2 billion capital plan.

Virtual Academy idea may become reality
Up to 600 Chicago Public Schools elementary students would spend school days glued to a computer at home -- in pajamas should they choose --under a proposal for the state's first virtual public school expected to be approved today by the Chicago Board of Education.

Daley favors teacher pension fund holiday
Mayor Daley Tuesday embraced the idea of giving the cash-strapped Chicago Board of Education a holiday from paying into the teachers
pension fund, despite opposition from the Chicago Teachers Union.

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