Wednesday Reading

Community Rally To Stop Gang Violence WBEZ (audio)
Englewood Community members gather to stop violence.

City schools could sue for pension aid Tribune

pension obligations of the city's public schools system are "a ticking
time bomb," and suing the state for funding is one possible option to
deal with the approaching crisis, school officials said Tuesday.

Richards: 'No Child' law is flunking the test CST
was a time when those of us who still believe in the potential of
public education worried that the greatest evil spawned by our national
love affair with standardized testing was that it encouraged schools to
"teach to the test."

Intel STS Winners Teach and Learn
the next batch of people we'll all be working for one day--the winners
of this year's Intel Science Talent Search. CNet has a longer article.
We really need to figure out a way to get more students from CPS...

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