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State panel rejects ban on school junk food Sun Times
A plan to restrict junk food in elementary and middle
schools was blocked Tuesday by a legislative committee whose members
say the plan should go further and address the quality of cafeteria

Science Fair 2006 Teach and Learn
it's over! Here's a picture of this year's top winners, who will
represent CPS at the International Fair in Indianapolis. (Along with
Dr. Ken Zudnek of Motorola, Mr. Steve Solomon of ComEd, Rita, Tia, and
myself.) Congratulations to all!...

Colleges can snub 'perfect' Sun Times
college admissions this year, perfect is no longer good enough. Adam
Ammar scored a perfect 36 on the ACT college entrance exam. Only 251
students out of the 2.1 million who took the test -- .01 percent --
scored so well last year.

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