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Police added to schools hit by CTA cuts CST
Chicago Police are planning to pull desk-duty officers onto the street
to help shore up patrols around schools that will be most affected by
the upcoming CTA cuts.

Raffle to help struggling Chicago Public Schools Daily Northwestern
Today at The Rock, members of Alpha Epsilon Pi and Platform-One
Entertainment will hold a raffle for tickets to see rap artist Common
headline a benefit concert in January. The raffle tickets cost $3 each
or $5 for two, with proceeds going to the Chicago Public Schools.

Study Finds No ‘Educational Triage’ Driven by NCLB EdWeek
A new study offers evidence to dispute the notion that the federal No Child Left Behind Act is pressuring educators in struggling schools to focus on the “bubble kids”—students who fall just below the passing threshold on state tests—at the expense of students at the high and low ends of the achievement spectrum. His findings run counter to those of a recent analysis by a pair of University of Chicago economists.

Area Dentist vs. Willy Wonka: A Fight to the Death Chicagoist
Taffy is the worst for your teeth.  Sugar is the best.

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