Wednesday Morning News Roundup

Computer problem mars first day of school Sun Times
Attendance was the big push as Chicago public schools opened another
year of classes Tuesday, but a new $60 million computer information
system that records attendance and other data was down for the count
much of the day.

New year brings new plans Tribune
Daley, accompanied by schools chief Arne Duncan, chose Harvard to open
the school year because it is the school district's second "turnaround"
school, with a new principal and all but two of its teaching staff
replaced in an effort to improve student performance and teacher

First Day for Principals WBEZ
Duncan describes the new group of
principals as talented and committed. He says first-year principals
will be mentored by retired administrators to help them through the
transition. You can hear more from Arne Duncan at 8 o'clock tonight on
Chicago Public Radio's Eight-Forty-Eight.

Disappearing act dooms students Sun Times (commentary)
Basic as it is, that information could be revolutionary in Chicago
Public Schools, where the average freshman racked up 19.6 days -- a
month of school -- in cut classes. That first-ever tally helps explain
a scandalous 56 percent graduation rate.

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