Wednesday Morning News Roundup

Il_ctIdeally, vision of education bests politics Tribune
Kozol would require states to authorize and finance a student's right to
transfer from a failing district into a successful school in a suburban

 About the Children, Won't Somebody Think? Chicagoist
was about time Mayor Daley entered the fray surrounding the Chicago
Children’s Museum’s proposed move to Grant Park. To exactly no one’s
surprise, he favors the plan.

Saving ninth-graders Detroit News
Public Schools integrated a ninth-grade "on-track" indicator into its
accountability system to help high schools focus on students needing ...

Back-to-school shopping now has a second wave USA Today It isn't that the ninth-grader at Hinsdale Central High School in suburban Chicago doesn't care what she wears to school. She cares deeply. ...

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  • Don't they have special deals for schools? And isn't that how most poor children visit museums, through school? Most of the children's museum would be underground so that the lakefront property would remain mostly clear and open.

    I don't think it's about race, but I do think it's about class. The bourgeoisie don't want those poor children coming into their neighborhood and their park.

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