Wednesday Morning News, Part 2

Vision to collide with reality AP

With the budget stretched thin, a huge infusion of cash for early

childhood education or college costs seems unlikely.

Early Transition Decisions to Shape Obama Presidency Washington Post


those under consideration who would mark a departure from the tradition

of rewarding loyalists and party leaders include New York City Schools

Chancellor Joel I. Klein for education secretary and retired Marine

Corps commandant Jim Jones for national security adviser.

Obama's Possible Candidates for Education Secretary Chronicle of Higher Ed

... of New Orleans and a former chief executive of the Chicago public

schools; and Michelle Rhee, chancellor of the Washington, DC,

public-school system. ...

Detectives for a day find clues with forensics Medill


for fingerprints. Conducting pH tests on possibly poisoned Gatorade.

Doing fiber-trace analysis on hair samples found at the scene of the

crime. Sound like a job for a forensic scientist? It is, and on Monday

Chicago and Michigan teens got to test their investigative instincts

with the pros.

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