Wednesday Morning News, Part 1

Nearly 13,000 vie for 3,000 prep slots Sun Times


number of kids seeking entry to Chicago's Elite Eight college preps

reached a five-year high this year, prompting a wave of rejected

students to seek a new route into the coveted public high schools.

Rejected kids have until Monday to apply to be a "principal's pick,''

an option available since last year.

Open space versus schools: Who wins?Tribune

Chicago City Council panel moves ahead with plans to put school in lakefront park

Daley: Quinn's tax plan could turn up heat on local tax increase Chicago Sun-Times


city’s legislative agenda also includes: a long-stalled capital bill;

property tax and foreclosure relief; increased education funding;

pension reform for the CTA and Chicago Public Schools and a $250 million Olympic guarantee from the state to ...

Office supplies from defunct businesses Chicago Tribune

As a Chicago Public Schools

teacher, I know how much of our own money we spend on the basics,

including scissors, staples and pens. Not only do we often have to buy

our own for our use, but we are supplying our classrooms too.

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