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The '$100,000 Club' at CPS Keeps Growing Substance


following chart lists all [268!] CPS employees who were being paid more than

$100,000 per year at the end of the Fiscal 2008 budget year (as of June

30, 2008).

Putting the brakes on high school transformation Catalyst


ambitious districtwide effort to overhaul high schools is in limbo.

After a three-year rollout that spanned 43 schools—just shy of the

target of 50—there are no schools in the pipeline for next year.

Chicago Tests a Year-Round School Schedule - On Education (


National Association for Year-Round Education says there are about

7,000 U.S. schools—mostly elementaries—on a year-round schedule. And

the group says more inner-city schools are going year-round.

Math, reading scores: National study shows students improving Tribune

Youths in the U.S. are improving in reading and math, with low-achieving students making the biggest gains.

Chicago school has recipe for a 2nd chance Tribune


dropouts, discipline problems and failures at high school, they now

talk about owning restaurants, writing cookbooks and supporting their


Barrington student charged in 2 rapes Tribune

An 18-year-old Barrington High School student has been charged with two

counts of sexual assault for allegedly raping two other students.

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