Wednesday Morning News -- It's All About Kindergartners

Academic goals ... for kindergartners Tribune
The state's first comprehensive standards for kindergartners, unveiled Tuesday, are a mixture of the educational and practical, meant to maintain a fun and carefree environment while ensuring students get the academic preparation and life skills they need for the years ahead.

All kindergartners need to know Sun-Times
The state laid out Tuesday what it wants every kindergarten student to know, an exhaustive list that includes everything from writing letters and identifying shapes to understanding that hurting others is wrong and the value of a sense of humor.

New standards for kindergarten The Daily Herald
By the time they leave kindergarten, Illinois' Class of 2019 won't just know how to read up on Dick and Jane. They'll also learn about classmates' family customs, understand the purpose of recycling and debate the merits of Curious George versus the Cookie Monster.

Merit Semifinalists Tribune
The National Merit Scholarship Corp. of Evanston has announced this
year's semifinalists for National Merit Scholarships, including
hundreds from the Chicago area.

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