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CPS Budget Hanging in the Balance Catalyst


the coming weeks, CPS could reap money from a gambling plan that could

bring in school construction money. Meanwhile, Jan. 4 is the deadline

for the governor to sign a bill that would increase the state’s per

pupil funding level.

Teacher Payroll Program Messes Up Pensions WBBM

This morning, dozens of retired teachers plan to protest outside

Chicago Public Schools board headquarters complaining about the

problems they’ve had getting the proper amount of money in their


More Chicago public schools underused Sun Times

New data indicates that 147 of 417 neighborhood grade schools are

anywhere from one-half to more than two-thirds empty. That compares

with 30 or 40 underused schools in 2000.

Poor neighborhoods hurt students more than low income, study finds Tribune

Researchers found that children in Chicago who spent most of their

lives in segregated, low-income communities posted lower verbal scores

than did children who lived in better communities. This was true

whether the children's families were low- or middle-income.

High Schools Neglected Under NCLB Catalyst


high schools are not getting help from NCLB, a panel of educators said

recently. Schools need more funding and accountability beyond test


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