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Parents to fight proposed move of Northwest Side gifted school Tribune


While a proposal exists to move Edison to the Albany Park Middle School

building, officials seemed to edge away from that idea Tuesday,

cautioning parents, reporters and Edison administrators that the plans

were preliminary and in flux.

School board to consider attendance boundaries ChiTown Daily News

Arne Duncan, chief executive officer of Chicago Public Schools,

is expected to propose boundary changes for Banneker Elementary

School, 6656 S. Normal Blvd.; Mays Academy, 1800 W. Garfield

Blvd.; and Kershaw Elementary, 6450 S. Lowe Ave. All schools are on

the South Side.

Off-Duty Officer Shoots Gun-Toting Teen NBC 5

Chicago Public Schools spokesman Mike Vaughn said the 16-year-old, a

student suspended from Phillips High School Academy, went through a

metal detector and triggered an alarm. A security officer patted down

the youth and discovered a gun.

Marshall HS girls penalized for altercation Tribune

Six members of Marshall's girls basketball team have been suspended on

the eve of the Public League's Windy City playoffs, it was announced


High schoolers can’t vote, can judge elections Medill Reports

More than 1,800 Chicago high school students will act as judges at

polling sites on Feb. 5, even though most of them aren't even old

enough to vote.

**Kudos to Carlos Sadovi and the Tribune for crediting this site for breaking the Andersen story.

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