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CPS students compete for academic honors


school students from all over the area were ready and willing to take

tests for hours in the 2008 CPS Academic Decathlon. Teams were

representing their schools as "test takers" in a competition unlike any


Wider safety problem seen in huge beef recall Tribune

The record recall Sunday of 143 million pounds of ground beef

illustrates a key gap that remains despite recent federal efforts to

bolster food safety: The quality of government inspections continues to

vary, food safety experts say.

Schools Scramble Menus After Big Beef RecallNPR


largest beef recall in U.S. history has sent school districts

scrambling to clean out their freezers and shake up their menus.

Melissa block talks with Marsha Metzger, nutrition director for the

Fort Wayne Community School District.

Parents Rise Up Against A New Approach to Math Washington Post


Prince William and elsewhere in the country, a math textbook series

["Investigations in Number, Data, and Space," a Pearson School series]

has fomented upheaval among some parents and teachers who say its

methods are convoluted and fail to help children master basic math

skills and facts.

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