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CPS holds off on bid to close Abbott school

Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago School Board members won't be deciding whether to

close Abbott Elementary today, after a hearing officer ruled ...

Parents, Teachers Expected to Fight Chicago School-Closing Plan Tribune

After hundreds of supporters spent the last month lobbying to keep open

the 19 schools originally named in the plan, only Abbott Elementary

School in the Bridgeport neighborhood is being spared.

Children getting education in public school politics Chicago Tribune

Some 19 schools were to be consolidated or closed under a plan by the mayor's schools chief, Arne Duncan; and a Board of Education vote was scheduled for ...

Report: Schools Shakeup to Spur Gentrification WBEZ


planned shakeup of 19 public schools in Chicago will speed up

gentrification. That’s what some education and urban-planning scholars

are reporting.

CPS snubbed on ISAT delay Chi-Town Daily News

CPS chief Arne Duncan says the

test will be worthless for bilingual students. "We find it very

troubling that kids who have been taught and tested primarily ...

6 Chicago Public Schools Change How Urban Students Learn Math Biloxi Sun Herald

To accomplish this goal, Chicago Public Schools has partnered with Apangea Learning, a leading provider of cost-effective differentiated math instruction. ...

Schools in Ruins' series got results Chicago Sun-Times

Decades of neglect had left Chicago's public schools in need of more than $1 billion in repairs, renovations and replacements. That was the key finding of ...

19 CPS applications; 19 rejection letters Chicago Sun-Times

She didn't know it, but she had picked some of the most popular of Chicago's public schools. For two weeks, every weeknight, in her few free minutes, ...

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