Wednesday Morning News

City's high school baseball teams allowed back on fields Chicago Tribune

CPS director

of sports administration and facilities Calvin Davis said the change

came about through discussions that began Friday. ...

No Child rules will be eased for some states Houston Chronicle

The Bush administration said Tuesday it is willing to soften its long-held stance that every failing school...

Security Plan for Crane Tech Students Chicagoist

More than 200 high school students, residents of the ABLA Homes,

haven't been to school since March 7 because they're afraid of gang

retaliation following the murder of one of their classmates.

Parents scrambling for bilingual classes Tribune

Across the Chicago suburbs, especially in areas with increasingly

diverse populations, school districts are turning to "dual-language"

initiatives. Municipalities from Oswego to West Chicago to Elgin have programs up and running, many with long waiting lists.

Why good students don't reach college Christian Science Monitor

Support during the complex application process is key, a new Chicago study finds.

More Police in Chicago Schools EdWeek


police superintendent said last week the department will beef up its

presence at troubled schools in an effort to stem a rash of violence.

D.C. Takes Early Action To Help Those Failing Washington Post

Plan includes in-home substance-abuse counseling, solutions for public-aid problems and other programs for students' families.

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