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Police Search For Shooter of 15-Year-Old Boy CBS2 Chicago, IL -

If you look at the statistics from the Chicago Public Schools – 18 students have been shot and killed. Just last night, around 9 pm, there was another ...

CPS to consider six new schools ChiTown


month after announcing a dramatic series of school closings, the

Chicago Board of Education is set to take up a proposal that would add

six new schools, including five magnet programs.

More police to be dispatched at schools in wake of deaths Chicago Defender

By Kathy Chaney Several Chicago public schools that need extra attention will see an increased security presence starting March 24, in an effort to halt the ...

5 Chicago schools to share $18 million grant Chicago Tribune

Middle school students in five Chicago public schools will have greater access to ...

Bear's Tillman kicks off CPS

Tillman was at Foreman High School on Tuesday helping kick off Chicago Public Schools' new anti truancy campaign. Tillman is one of several celebrities ...

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