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Education board to consider new system for rating schools CTDN

Schools showing improvement

can accumulate extra points. A school that has

80 percent of its students meeting or exceeding state standards on

an ISAT science test, for example, would receive three points. If the

school's scores show an improvement of 6 percentage points over

the previous year, it would receive another three points.

Lawmakers pass tougher penalty for giving gun to minor Clout Street - Chicago Tribune

... help from an expansion of gambling and a partial lease of the state lottery. Tribune reporters David Mendell and Carlos Sadovi contributed to this report.

City of (homeless) children Chicago Tribune

This year alone there have been 10349 homeless students identified in the Chicago Public Schools. On any scale, such a thing can only be termed a disaster.

Daley: Ryan got more done in Springfield Chicago Tribune

Mayor Richard Daley, seeking more cash for Chicago Public Schools and construction money for the CTA, sounded Tuesday as though he's longing for the good ...

Daley, Duncan say city needs funds, not feuds Chicago Sun-Times

Mayor Daley and Chicago schools CEO Arne Duncan launched an assault on Springfield's Democratic power base ...

Residents say they worry about bullying at Edgewater schoolCTDN

Edgewater residents say they are concerned about a report of playground bullying that was brought to the attention of

police at a CAPS meeting last week.

Officials weigh change for ACT test prep WBEZ


report released today says many Chicago Public high schools are doing

too much prep for the ACT exam, and that’s taking time away from more

important class work. The result? ACT scores are actually going down.

Unit 5 to hear charter school proposal Bloomington PantagraphThe nearest Illinois charter schools are in Springfield and Decatur; most are in the Chicago area. “I’m scary thrilled,” said Suzanne Fitzgerald.

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